MEDICI® Cloud-based antimicrobial use reporting for all hospitals


Antimicrobial use reporting for all hospitals regardless of size and resources

Just because it is healthcare information technology software does not mean it has to be expensive or complex.  Our affordable, accurate and appropriate reporting technology will work with any hospital that wishes to participate in AUR reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it sounds too good to be true, you must have questions

As simple to use as an online calculator

Combatting antimicrobial resistance is hard enough.
Calculating Days of Therapy should not be.
Our solution is simpler than you might think.

Why buy the car when all you need is the radio?

If you capture MAR electronically, that’s all you need for antimicrobial reporting. MEDICI® will take it from there.


It’s more than NHSN reporting

Trend your antimicrobial use by prescriber and specialty plus much more. Analyze and report by your internal formulary list even if you don’t submit to NHSN.

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Forget expensive data interfaces

The key to unlocking your EHR data is right under your nose.  Just import your EHR reports into MEDICI®.  No need to treat antimicrobial reporting like a project with expensive IT consultants.

How it works

Patient Privacy is our priority

Our product is designed with information security in mind.  We stand behind our commitment through ISO 27001 Information Security certification and executing Business Associates Agreement (BAA) for PHI-related modules.

You’re the clinician. We’re the technologist

You can focus on optimizing antimicrobial therapy while we focus on optimizing information technology tools for you.


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