End-to-End Software Solution for Antimicrobial Stewardship

MEDICI® is a cloud-based software system that integrates with your EHR to streamline your ASP practice

MEDICI® Satisfies CDC Core Elements For Hospital Antibiotic Stewardship Program

The Core Elements of Hospital Antibiotic Stewardship Programs is the CDC’s implementation guide for ASP practice in hospital setting. MEDICI addresses the core elements related to information technology.


Implement interventions, such as prospective audit and feedback or preauthorization


Monitor antibiotic prescribing, impact of interventions and other important outcomes


Report information on antibiotic use and resistance to prescribers, pharmacists, nurses and hospital leadership

MEDICI® Supports Your
Multi-Disciplinary ASP Team

MEDICI® is the platform that unifies the ASP team’s effort.

Pharmacist Monitor patients and perform chart reviews
Physician Approve interventions and analyze outcomes
Infection Preventionist Report to NHSN
Microbiologist Produce antibiograms for empiric therapy guidance
Information Technologist Ensure information flows properly within team


MEDICI® Works For Any Hospital Size


Single Facility

Multi-Site System

Critical Access Hospital  (CAH)


You don’t have to be a large hospital to benefit from MEDICI®.

MEDICI® is used by hospitals of all sizes from multi-site health systems to single-site hospitals and small rural hospitals such as Critical Access Hospitals (CAH).

MEDICI® is adaptable to different scales.

MEDICI® Works With Any EHR

MEDICI® uses integration technology that is compatible with any EHR.   And the effort won’t overburden your IT department.  Whether you have Epic, Meditech, Cerner or any other brand, you can rest assure that MEDICI® will work.  That also includes any homegrown systems.

MEDICI® Antimicrobial Use
Is First To Be CDC-Validated

We take data integrity seriously. Our Antimicrobial Use (AU) module is the first vendor product to have been validated by the CDC for National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) reporting.

MEDICI® Is Used By Top Healthcare Institutions

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