About Us

Making Innovative Information Systems Accessible to all Hospitals

Many hospitals have been convinced that their main obstacle to information reporting has been that patient data is locked in electronic health record (EHR) systems and solutions require costly consultants and additional software packages.

As software engineers with experience building information systems that share data with other systems, we never believed that.

While many attributed the high cost of EHR data interfaces to the fact that no two hospitals operated identically, no one could reconcile the disproportionately high cost compared to the complexity.  And yet, one would think, that if an interface has already been developed between two systems, economies of scale would make a repeated solution should cost less over time.  We expect this in consumer technology; why not in healthcare information technology?

At Asolva, we want to bring the consumer-grade software expectations and experiences to the healthcare information industry.

We believe:

  • Software should be as easy-to-use as your consumer applications
  • Adoption should be low-risk supported by free trials to build customer confidence
  • Consulting services for customization should be the exception and not the norm

The customer should enjoy the lower risk, shorter time and cost benefits of a repeatable solution in the form of pre-made supported software.  This expands access to healthcare information systems to all hospitals.

Because we are scientists, clinicians and innovators committed to public health and progress, we believe in doing the right thing for our clients and, in turn, their patients and communities. We understand and care deeply about the issues facing hospitals, from antimicrobial resistance to COVID-19, and we know that accurate, timely reporting is part of the solution. Our approach has been confirmed in small critical access hospitals with fewer than 25 beds to large multi-facility health systems with multiple EHRs.

No matter your size, EHR or reporting/tracking challenges, we look forward to helping you.

The Asolva Team