• Hospital Antibiogram in an instant
  • Know your local susceptibility rates
  • On-the-fly calculation from your microbiology data
  • Essential for empiric antibiotic therapy selection

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Medici Antibiogram

Clinical Pharmacy Surveillance

Prospective clinical pharmacy reporting for optimizing medication therapy. Supports hospital Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs.

Works with any EHR without expensive data interfaces. Customize your own alerts without programming.

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Accurate, Affordable, Appropriate

At Asolva, we are information technologists, data analysts and clinicians.  Our mission is to create simple, affordable software solutions to solve complex healthcare data challenges.

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Revolutionizing Access to Healthcare
Information Systems

Asolva can provide the accurate and affordable healthcare information systems you need to appropriately track, report and analyze your facility or medical system’s antimicrobial use, COVID-19 capacity and more. We provide a CDC-validated antimicrobial use reporting solution that’s easy and nearly immediate for any hospital to begin using – regardless of size, resources or EHR system. Discover our simple cloud-based solution. We’re here to help.

Compatible With Any EHR

Unlike traditional IT vendor products that are wrapped around costly consulting services, Asolva’s products include pre-made data interfaces for electronic health records.

All you need is your current EHR to get started and our web portal will guide you through the process of generating days of therapy (DOT) analysis, gaining insights into your antimicrobial use patterns, reporting to NHSN, figuring out COVID-19 capacity, and more.

Our products work with all hospital EHR brands such as Epic®, MEDITECH®, Cerner® and Evident/CPSI®, as well as any custom EHR.

Forget Traditional Data Interfaces

We have a healthcare information technology solution that’s as easy to use as an online calculator. Combating antimicrobial resistance and COVID-19 is hard enough. Calculating days of therapy and your institution’s capacity shouldn’t be. No unnecessary modules, no costly data interfaces; the key to accurately and reliably unlocking your EHR data is our cloud-based solution.

Whether You’re Reporting to Hospital Administrators or NHSN, Get Data You Can Trust

Asolva is the first vendor validated for NHSN by the CDC.  This is important because, beginning January 2021, NHSN will only accept AU products that are CDC-validated.  Turn to Asolva for a turnkey software product that can get nearly any hospital up and running with AUR reporting in a single day. Get the accuracy and reliability you need in a simple, affordable, easy-to-implement package.

Security Is Always A Top Priority

Our products are designed with information security in mind. Our commitment to security and privacy-protection is a natural outflow of this dedication to what’s best for people, public health and institutions.  We stand behind our commitment through ISO 27001 Information Security practices and Business Associates Agreement (BAA) for PHI-related modules.