Antimicrobial Use and Resistance

Know Your Antimicrobial Utilization Now

What data are you looking for from your AUR? With Medici AUR you can map AUR by medication, location, trend ingredient, or create your own report. You can also easily benchmark facilities or prescribers, or drill-down into the MAR.

Medici AUR is a turnkey, cloud-based software product that can get nearly any hospital up and running with antimicrobial use and resistance (AUR) reporting in a single day. Unlike traditional IT vendor products that are wrapped around costly customization services, Medici AUR comes with pre-made data interfaces for electronic health records.

While many fear that preparing for mandatory AUR reporting will be a lengthy and costly process, let us show you just how easy and affordable reporting to the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) using the standard Days Of Therapy (DOT) metric can be.

Use Medici AUR to:

  • Seamlessly measure & report hospital antimicrobial utilization
  • Keep it simple by using standard CDC definitions
  • Empower you to analyze antimicrobial usage data by ingredient, location unit, prescriber, and/or specialty
  • Generate DOT data you need using your Medication Administration Record (MAR)
  • Share customized reports to your internal teams
  • Satisfy your NHSN AUR reporting

NHSN will require validation for all AU CDA vendors beginning in 2021

Asolva is the first vendor validated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for AUR.  If your CDA vendor is not NHSN-validated, your AUR data will be rejected by NHSN.

Instant Antibiogram

Get up-to-date antibiogram when you need it.
  • Report for Facility-Wide
  • Report by nursing unit
  • Choose time range
  • Calculate on-the-fly for up-to-date susceptibility rates
  • Run on-demand.  Don’t wait months or days for it to be created
  • NHSN-compliant for antimicrobial resistance reporting