Facility COVID-19 Tracking

Medici COVID-19

Streamline your process of measuring suspected or confirmed hospital cases as part of the CDC’s ongoing COVID-19 response.

Medici COVID-19

Know Your COVID-19 Capacity

The CDC is asking hospitals to submit COVID-19 data to its National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) COVID-19 Module. 

Asolva’s cloud-based Medici COVID-19 streamlines the process of compiling, tracking and reporting COVID-19 data with the CDC’s reporting criteria already incorporated into the tool. Using Medici COVID-19, hospitals can make their daily submissions easily, accurately, and without juggling multiple spreadsheets.

As with our other Medici products, Asolva’s COVID-19 tool is cloud-based and can be adopted right away with no startup implementation required. It will work with any EHR system.  

Use Medici COVID-19 to:

  • Automatically calculate number of relevant cases, COVID status, hospital onset and deaths
  • Report to NHSN 
  • Eliminate scattered spreadsheets 
  • Reduce manual calculation errors 

Discover the Medici COVID-19 program that’s right for you:

  • Smaller hospitals (such as Critical Access Hospitals): Use an Asolva web application to enter COVID-19 cases each day. The web application will then calculate everything for NHSN reporting.
  • Critical Access Hospitals that are existing Asolva customers are being offered the web application at no charge.
  • Larger hospitals (with some IT reporting capability): Import modified versions of daily census files for NHSN reporting