Asolva’s cloud-based software system Medici® is the first vendor product to have passed Antimicrobial Use (AU) validation for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) reporting (

Hospitals use Medici® to standardize measure of antimicrobial use in support of the Reporting Core Element of Hospital Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (ASP).  In addition to internal reporting, Medici® can also be used for NHSN reporting.

The new CDC validation process raises the data quality bar for accepting hospital antimicrobial use data into NHSN and, starting January 1, 2021, NHSN will require validation for all AU vendors.  Hospitals that have been reporting AU to NHSN will no longer be able to do so if their AU product is not validated.

Unlike the past certification that validated only file structure format, the more rigorous AU Synthetic Data Set (SDS) test validates the actual calculations used to benchmark hospitals in NHSN.  “It’s an important step forward,” says Chun Wong, President of Asolva. “When you send important information to someone, you want to make sure it‘s accurate, right? The AU SDS validation does just that. While the previous validation system ensured that you used the proper ink, font, salutation, and paper, so to speak, the AU SDS validation focuses on data quality.”

Hospitals have less than a year to adopt an AU product if they plan on reporting AU to NHSN.  By being the first to pass AU validation, Asolva demonstrates its commitment to reliable information as well as the needs of future.

“We have always been confident about our data quality. Undergoing the AU SDS test was our way to publicly prove that,” says Wong. “Our clients already using Medici for AU reporting can have peace of mind that they are ahead of the curve with a CDC-validated product in place. Potential new clients can start their process now and easily be ready way in advance of next year’s validation deadline.”

Indeed, Wong assures hospital decision-makers who are evaluating AU reporting products that they can  adopt Medici AU quickly and easily.  “Medici AU is a turnkey software product,” says Wong. “We can get nearly any hospital up and running in a single day.” Unlike traditional IT vendor products that are wrapped around costly customization services, Medici AU comes with pre-made data interfaces for EHRs.  “Medici is a clinical, off-the-shelf software product that interfaces with any EHR. It’s a game-changer, jumpstarting adoption by cutting out weeks and months.  The process is so fast that it’s hard to even call it an ‘implementation project.’” Wong adds.

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