Medici AUR

Know Your Antimicrobial Utilization Now

Medici AUR is a turnkey, cloud-based software product that can get nearly any hospital up and running with antimicrobial use and resistance (AUR) reporting in a single day. Unlike traditional IT vendor products that are wrapped around costly customization services, Medici AUR comes with pre-made data interfaces for electronic health records.

While many facility leaders may fear that preparing for mandatory AUR reporting will be a lengthy and costly process, we want you to know just how easy and affordable reporting to National Healthcare Safety Network using the standard Days Of Therapy (DOT) metric can be.

What data are you looking for from you AUR? With Medici AUR you can map AUR by medication, location, trend ingredient, or create your own report. You can also easily benchmark facilities or prescribers, or drill-down into the MAR.


Medici AUR:

  • Seamlessly measures & reports hospital antibiotic utilization
  • Keeps it simple by using standard CDC definitions
  • Empowers you to analyze antibiotic usage data by ingredient, location unit, prescriber, and/or specialty
  • Generates the DOT data you need using your Medication Administration Record (MAR)
  • Disseminates customized reported to your internal teams (TRUE?)
  • Automatically completes your NHSN reporting (IS THIS TRUE?)

We’re the first vendor validated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for AUR and we’re here to help

Medici ASP

Customize Your Medication Intervention

If your hospital is committed to an antimicrobial stewardship program (ASP) we are committed to helping you. No matter your facility’s size or electronic health record (EHR) system, the Medici ASP cloud-based, turnkey software solution is as simple to use as an online calculator. All you need are your EHR reports to get started. There’s no need for expensive data interfaces. And, no, it’s not too good to be true (although we do get asked that all the time.)


Use Medici ASP to:

  • Track & report core elements for ASP
  • Recommend or advise an alternative medication choice when appropriate
  • Keep track of medications being used and lab results
  • Review charts efficiently without toggling back and forth with the EHR
  • Customize your own alerts and easily search them

In today’s world, antibiotic stewardship is one of the most important things a facility can do.  We’re here to support you.


Know Your COVID-19 Capacity

The CDC is asking hospitals to submit COVID-19 data to its National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) COVID-19 Module. 

Asolva’s cloud-based Medici COVID-19 streamlines the process of compiling, tracking and reporting COVID-19 data with the CDC’s reporting criteria already incorporated into the tool. Using Medici COVID-19, hospitals can make their daily submissions easily, accurately, and without juggling multiple spreadsheets.

As with our other Medici products, Asolva’s COVID-19 tool is cloud-based and can be adopted right away with no startup implementation required. It will work with any EHR system.

Medici COVID-19

Medici COVID-19

Use Medici COVID-19 to

  • Automatically calculate number of relevant cases, COVID status, deaths and hospital onset 
  • Report to NHSN 
  • Eliminate scattered spreadsheets 
  • Reduce manual calculation errors 

Discover the Medici COVID-19 program that’s right for you:

  • Smaller hospitals (such as Critical Access Hospitals): Use an Asolva web application to enter COVID-19 cases each day. The web application will then calculate everything for NHSN reporting.
  • Critical Access Hospitals that are existing Asolva customers are being offered the web application at no charge.
  • Larger hospitals (with some IT reporting capability): Import modified versions of daily census files for NHSN reporting