The Medici Analyzer for Antimicrobial Use can be used to run quick and easy reports of your EHR data. It is completely customizable to fit whatever data you are looking to run. Additionally, any report that you run can be bookmarked to be easily referenced again.

  • When logging into Medici, you will be defaulted to the Medici Analyzer. It can also be found when clicking the Analyze button, then click Antimicrobial Use.
  • On the Analyzer page you will see all the data we pull from your EHR that you can use to analyze trends listed under the Paging section.
    • Note that the following sections are optional in your data import, so you may not be able to filter with the sections below if they were not included on your MAR file upload.
      • Specialty
      • Prescriber
      • Clinical Indication
  • Once all settings are set, you can click the Run Report button to view the data in the Analyzer. There is also a button to save this report as a bookmark to be run later.
  • Once the report is run, to return to the settings or refresh the report, click the corresponding buttons in the top right of the screen.
  • Under the chart type, you can also change if you want to select a line, bar, or pie chart.