• There will be 2 data imports that will be needed to be pulled from your EHR that will allow the Medici to track both Days of Therapy (DOT) and Days Present to track Antimicrobial Use. They are required to be in a .csv format. 
    • ADT (Admissions, Discharges, Transfers) – All admissions, discharges, and transfers of patients within all inpatient and emergency room locations in your facility 
    • MAR (Medical Administration Record) – Record of every time a medication is administered to a patient 
  • It is possible to manually import these files, or setup up a SFTP connection to have the reports automatically imported. 
  • Once all the data is fully imported, the next steps will be: 
    • Mapping your Ingredients, Locations, Facilities, and Routes – Link to FAQ/Video 
    • Verify that all imported data looks correct based on expected antimicrobial usage. As well as, learn how to use and configure the Medici Analyzer to drill down into your data to get a better understanding of all your data, and create your own reports – Link to FAQ/Video 
    • Walk you through generating a CDA file in Medici to submit to the NHSN. Link to FAQ/Video

How to set up mappings?

How to use AU Analyzer?

How to generate CDA file for NHSN submission?