To be able to submit the CDA file from Medici to the NHSN, there are some setup information that will need to be pulled from your NHSN account. Below is all information you will need before you can be setup.

  • Location Codes for all Inpatient Locations plus ED and 24 Hour Observation in your NHSN account.
  • After logging into Medici, you will need to navigate to the Setup button.
  • In the setup dropdown, select Facility.
  • In the Setup Facilities page, click on the Medici Facility Name for your Facility.
  • Select Edit Medici Name under the Medici Facility Name dropdown.
  • Under the Facility, input the OID that has been assigned by the NHSN.
  • Additionally on this menu, you can choose to exclude this facility from showing up in the Analyzer. Click save to keep all your changes.
  • Your OID will now be listed under the Classification section of the Facility mapping.