In the Medici Analyzer, it is possible to bookmark reports, so they are easily accessible to be run again. You can also set the bookmark to be public, so all users can access the same reports as well. Please note that some of the actions that you may not have access to depending on your user access.

  • In your Medici account, first setup the Analyzer with the desired filters.
  • Once the filters are added, click the Add Bookmark button
  • You can assign a Name and Description for your new bookmark
  • This will add the bookmark to your user. To access your bookmarks, click the Bookmarks button on the Analyzer Filters page.
  • Your bookmarks will be saved under the My Bookmarks section.
    • You can also click the star button to favorite a report as well which will have the report show up in the favorites section.
  • To be able to make a bookmark viewable by all users, click on the Bookmark Manager.
  • In the Bookmarks Manager, you will see all bookmarks in the system. Under the Shared Folders, you can set a bookmark to be seen by all by adding it to the Public Shared Folder. From the Bookmarks Manager, you can also disable reports, unfavorite reports, change the allowed facilities, and delete each bookmark.
  • Once a bookmark has been set public, it can be found underneath the Public group of each user’s bookmarks.